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Physical Education (PE) activity is an important component of global education. It refers to the involvement of students in physical activities such as exercise, games, and sports to develop their physical abilities, improve their health, and facilitate their overall growth. PE activity provides students with opportunities to learn fundamental motor skills, promote physical fitness, develop social skills, improve mental and emotional well-being, and explore their interests and talents.

Importance of PE Activity:
PE activity is essential for the physical, psychological, and social development of students. It has several benefits such as:

1- Physical fitness and health:
PE activity helps students maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and improve cardiovascular and muscular health. It also promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

2- Cognitive function and academic performance:
PE activity enhances cognitive function and academic performance by improving attention, memory, problem-solving, and creativity. It also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, which improve academic motivation and achievement.

3- Social and emotional skills:
PE activity provides students with opportunities to develop social and emotional skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, self-esteem, resilience, and empathy. It also promotes positive attitudes towards physical activity, healthy living, and sustainable development.

Types of PE Activity:
PE activity involves a wide range of physical activities that cater to the needs and interests of students. These activities could be indoor or outdoor and include:

1- Exercise and fitness activities:
Exercise and fitness activities such as running, jogging, skipping, yoga, and stretching help students improve their stamina, endurance, and flexibility. They also promote mental and emotional well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

2- Team and individual sports:
Team and individual sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and swimming develop students' physical, social, and emotional skills. They promote teamwork, communication, leadership, fair play, and intercultural understanding.

3- Outdoor adventure activities:
Outdoor adventure activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and canoeing promote environmental awareness, outdoor skills, and risk-taking. They also enhance students' physical fitness, problem-solving, and resilience.

PE Activity during COVID-19 Pandemic:
PE activity has become even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic as schools have shifted to online and hybrid learning models. Students are spending more time indoors, sitting in front of screens, and are at risk of physical inactivity, obesity, and mental health problems. Therefore, schools must provide students with opportunities to engage in PE activity through virtual platforms, individual exercises, and outdoor activities that meet safety guidelines.

PE activity is an essential component of global education that promotes physical, psychological, and social development. It enhances students' physical fitness, cognitive function, academic performance, social and emotional skills, and environmental awareness. PE activity could be exercise and fitness activities, team and individual sports, or outdoor adventure activities that cater to the needs and interests of students. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools must make sure that students have access to PE activity through virtual platforms, individual exercises, and outdoor activities that meet safety guidelines.

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